July 14 2018 New Freedom, PArain or shine event
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Sponsor Application

Yogis take the Park 2018

Sponsor Application

7/14/18 10am-3pm

We hope you will be able to assist us, as it is a complete labor of love for those of us involved and is looked forward to each year.

Yogis take the Park is completely free and features local yoga teachers, yoga studios, businesses, vending, food, live local music and a large kids area. The event is run by a non-profit organization called the New Freedom Community Center and any money contributed to the event can be claimed on your taxes for the year. We are the biggest and the only one of it's kind event from York to Baltimore. There is not another 100% free yoga festival held anywhere near it.

We are offering 3 sponsorship levels at a special promotional price for local (Southern York County, Pa) businesses

Gold Sponsorship - $5,000 (local business $2,500) - One of the 3 stages named after your business (if applicable) All teachers of the event (except Kundalini) will wear provided name brand clothing to teach. - Your business will be thanked and mentioned at the opening and closing of the event. - Your business logo will be largely represented on the back of our t-shirts. - Your logo will be present (at the largest size) on ALL banners, posters, literature, print, advertisements, posters and signs. - The video that is being filmed of this event will have your logo on it as well as a thank you and be listed in the credits, this video will be on youtube and also on the website for future years. - Your logo will be on every part of our webpage, showing up as a link on each tabbed page. You will also have the largest link on our thank the sponsors/donation page. - Your presence on our website will stay up for up to 3 months after the event is over so that people can find you even after they leave this event. - You will be given a large free vending spot and will have a sign telling everyone that you are a Gold Sponsor. - We will only be offering two spots at this level.

Silver Sponsorship - $2,500 (local business $1,250) - Your business logo will be represented on our t-shirts at a smaller size then the Gold level. - Your logo and link will be available on all pages as well but smaller then the Gold Level. - You will have a smaller logo on the banners and on the brochures. - You will have a free vending space and a sign that says you are a Silver sponsor. - You will be thanked on our sponsorship/donation page with a smaller logo then a Gold Sponsor.

Bronze Sponsorship - $1,000 (local business $500) - Your logo and link will be listed on the sponsorship/donation page of our website. - You will have a small logo on the t-shirt. - You will have a discounted vendor space ($10) with a sign saying you are a Bronze Sponsor. - You will be listed as text on our brochures under sponsors/donation.

strong>Pewter Sponsorship - $500 (local business $250) - Your name with a link on the website under sponsorship/ donations page. - Discount vendor space $10.00.

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